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First footage from “Attack on Titan,” Video Games attack Earth in PIXELS, and how to get into Freelance Animation

The PIXELS trailer was the most popular conversation topic on the RubberOnion facebook page this week, so we lead with that. At the end we discuss the internet as a creative spawning ground and how traditional media fits in AS WELL AS addressing a question to me (Stephen) about being a freelance animator. We also talk about the ATTACK ON TITAN live-action teaser, INCREDIBLES 2 plot, and the announcements of a California Raisins movie as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring in and producing a Fraggle Rock film. Also Rob went to an underwear party in Williamsburg (which, as a sentence, isn’t that weird because it ends with “in Williamsburg”). So enjoy the discussion and feel free to join in below in the comments section!

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(14:45)   PIXELS trailer
(1:16:59)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!!
(1:32:53)   Question(s) from Timothy Bergeron: “Hey Stephen, How did you go about making that leap to a freelance animator?… Is getting clients just networking? Are their sites you go to and bid on jobs? What’s the positives and negatives for being a freelance animator… What do you feel is the best way for freelance animators or artists in general, to get noticed? What ways of social networking would you use to get exposure?”

PIXELS trailer

FROZEN/THE THING mashup claymation short by Lee Hardcastle

ATTACK ON TITAN clips (from Japanese talk-show, complete with distracting overlays)

ASTROBOY Reboot teaser

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