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Writer VS Producer, Glen Keane’s new animated short “Duet,” and Kickstarter for Potato Salad

We have a monster of an episode this week! Two weeks of stories jam packed into one awesome episode with the entire crew: Stephen, Rob, & Pat. We talk about an email exchange between a writer and a producer, Glen Keane’s new animated short “Duet,” and some kid made a Kickstarter campaign to make potato salad and for some reason has earned $70,000+ (as of this post). Oh also, Rob met Shaggy and made a new animated short (not related)! Enjoy this delicious 2 hour episode… we hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to record!

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Rob Yulfo’s new short “Wait for it…”

Guillermo del Toro’s Special Message about Pacific Rim

Glen Keane’s new animated short “Duet”

Asterix & Obelix teaser trailer (in French)

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