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The American Dream is Frosting

Yvette Mayorga
Roman Susan
Mayorga’s sickly sweet installations offer un-saccharine views of life between Mexico and the United States.




“I’m interested in having the viewer think that they’re going to experience something maybe sensory or decadent, but then, through being attracted to the colors, to the smell, they discover that the work is about something else, something more profound, something darker,” Mayorga says. “In that same sense it’s also a metaphor to the illusion of the American dream, that America itself can seem to be something very decadent, luscious, promising to somebody coming from another country. But, you know, it can fall short of that.” Yvette Mayorga ChicagoReader.com



1224 W. Loyola Avenue, 60626 Chicago
October 20 – November 10, 2018
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