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Meet Marco Leona from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This week we have the honor of meeting Marco Leona from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and share his...

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New York City Artist Margaret Zox Brown Creates Lockdown Paintings

This week we had the pleasure to interview artist Margaret Zox Brown who created a series of “lockdown” paintings through a personal journey...

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The Horses: Whimsical Art at Central Park

New York City is a vibrant and dense city, full of life, colors, and forms. A city known for its love of art...

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Clio Art Fair is Taking a Sabbatical Year

This week we had a chat with Alessandro Berni, the founder of Clio Art Fair. What is Clio Art Fair? Can you please...

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The Museum of the Dog

The Museum of the Dog New York City is a cosmopolitan city, where art museums are one of its biggest attractions for visitors...