scope-header-artiholicsNew York – Friday, March 7, 2014

I am really loving SCOPE’s venue at Moynihan Station, they must have knocked down some walls and gutted the place a bit more than last year because the size of the floor plan seemed massive.  Makeshift unvarnished wood steps leading to higher ground, and long benches here and there for sitting (a luxury not easily found at most art fairs).


Exposed ancient metal ceiling girders with peeling paint were everywhere you looked, if you looked up that is.   What a  great contrast with the polished and illuminated gallery booths, and let’s face it,  it sure beats a tent.


I arrived and cut the line to the press check in.  I always bring my SCOPE press lanyard which has the logo printed all over it.  They bothered to do that one year and have ever since opted for just the plain black, having the official one makes me feel like not just press, but SUPER PRESS.


Art Now NY scored the first Banksy I’ve seen in a NY art fair.  Fell off the back of a truck maybe?



Spotted street artist Buff Monster enjoying the show.

Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg, this artist Davood Roostaei was dressed as a cross between Michael Jackson and his actual paintings.


Art by Cazes Uriel.


I noticed at Villa del Arte Galleries, Barcelona they were carrying a piece by Castle Fitzjohns, New York artist David Datuna.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-9 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-10 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-11Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles was back again at SCOPE. Fabien posed for me in front of a few 44.75″ x 32.5″ pieces by Speedy Graphito.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-13 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-12

Some really amazing larger than life hyperrealistic sculptures of Andy Warhol at different points in his life titled “ANDY” by Kazuhira Tsuji Copro Gallery, Santa Monica.  He should have been the one to do the Memorial in Union Square.


Really detailed drawings by Artem Mirolevich at Barbarian Art Gallery, Zurich.

Saw a piece by Matt Neuman at Asterisk Projects, Brooklyn, which reminded me a lot of his piece I saw the night before at Clio Art Fair but with 12 more targets.


Beautiful paintings by Malcolm T. Liepke at Arcadia Contemporary.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-18 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-17
Really moody street scenes from New York City, by Kim Cogan, also at Arcadia Contemporary.


A bunch of pieces by David Kramer at Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-20 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-21

Whimsically disturbing line art paintings by Brian McDonald at Reaves Gallery, New York.

I ran into sculptor Cheedah Shikaage Itchi Suuwah (Thunder Wolf), and we had a long talk about the 3d Printing sculpture he’s getting into.  He showed me his new digital work on his phone, amazing stuff.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-23  scope-2014-photos-artiholics-24scope-2014-photos-artiholics-25

Some pop work at Krause Gallery.  Including these really cool dimensional pieces that look like they might be made from thousands of straws cut to precise lengths.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-26 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-28 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-27

Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris | New York has some work with multiple layers of glass creating a full image by Ardan Ozmenoglu.


Large drawings by Maya Mukumizu, at Gallery G-77, Kyoto.


A bunch of pieces by Karim Hamid at AUREUS Contemporary, Providence, RI.


More work at AUREUS Contemporary.


Samurai – 1982, by Paula Rego, at Cordeiros Galeria, Porto / Portugal.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-33 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-34

Ran into Jeremiah Johnson who’s piece “House of Worship” house made out of pill bottles is debuting at Fountain Art Fair today.


The cafe / bar / lounge area.


Work by Tiptoe at Vertical Gallery, Chicago.


Artwork by Stormie Mills, also at Vertical Gallery.


Safaeddin Emami, “The Battle of Pashan Begins” Silkscreen on canvas at Shirin Gallery, Tehran | New York.


A giant assemblage of Mixed Media on paper by Amanda Marie.  They are sold individually as 16″ x 20″ pieces, and 20″ x 24″ pieces, at Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam.


Drawings by Clayton Chandler, at C. Emerson Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL.


Drawings by Justin Nelson, also at C. Emerson Fine Arts.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-44 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-46

A picture of me at Fuchs Projects booth by Rafael Fuchs.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-45 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-47 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-48

Artwork by Petros Chrisostomou, Miguel Libarnes, Rafael Fuchs, Skewville, Aakash Nihalani, & Trey Speegle at Bushwick’s own Fuchs Projects.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-53 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-52

Artist Naomi Campbell.  Her pieces combine X-rays, aluminum, copper, plexiglass and drawings.  They are abstractions about gaming, and the blurred lines between reality and video games.


Artist Victor-John Villanueva  poses in front of a piece in Fuchs Project’s booth, he didn’t make the work, he just has a similar color scheme.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-54 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-55

Art by Valerio Adami at Barbara Paci Gallery, Pietrasanta.


Disturbingly haunting art by Michele Mikesell at La Lanta Fine Art, Wattana.


A requisite Swoon piece.


Some really interesting works by Peter Grich at VIMM Gallery, Prague.

This one reminded me of works by H.R. Geiger.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-59 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-60

An entire booth of works by Shen Jingdon, at Coral Contemporary, Nanjing.


The Jayson Atienza shoe at the bucketfeet shoe exhibit.


Lots of glitter at the Natalie Kates Projects, New York


One half of the Gentleman’s Game art team Jason Douglas Griffin.


Gentleman’s Game artists Jason Douglas Griffin and Brandon Friend.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-79They have collaborative works in the Magpi Projects booth, and they have their own booth at Fountain – where they had just come after having just finished setting it up.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-77 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-78

Artist Sebastian Wahl, also represented by Magpi Projects.


Artist Joseph Grazi, who has two pieces in the Art Now NY booth, including this shark.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-67 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-66

Muffinhead, a living sculpture at Galleria Ghetta, Ortisei, England.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-69 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-68

Some really angelic drawings by artist Amy Sol at Thinkspace, Culver City.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-73 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-72

Hubert Kretzschmar, Techno Pop (front cover) at Licht Feld Gallery


Also by Hubert Kretzschmra.  I first met Hubert at the Art of The Rolling Stones Show.


Photographer Mia Tyler in front of a portrait of her father, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

scope-2014-photos-artiholics-51 scope-2014-photos-artiholics-50

Photographer and curator at Fuchs Projects, Rafael Fuchs, in front of a few of the pieces from his most recent series about his horrible landlords.

Artist Bradley Theodore, aka Brad Digital.

Brad introduced me to artist Jaclyn Santos.

It was a great show as per usual, and AS I HAD PREDICTED earlier in the week. After taking it all in, I headed out into the night to shoot down to SoHo for Mark DeMaio’s opening at Sacred Gallery.  This week really is the Superbowl of art going.


Written and Photographed by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”
(*editors note – I will set up all the galleries and artists names as hyperlinks next week when I have time)



Written by
Cojo Art Juggernaut

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Artiholics, Art Sucks, and the soon to be launched podcast Artist In Repose, Cojo "Art Juggernaut" (Colin C. Jorgensen) is a NYC based artist, art writer, and occasional photographer.

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