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Piercing Needle XR from My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

Piercing Needle XR is a part of My Hero Academia Heroes Clash Set!

My Hero Academia Heroes Clash is the third-second expansion pack in the CCG’s history and has been doing well since its release a few weeks ago. The MHA CCG started just a year ago, right around this time, with the release of the much-awaited Universus base set.

Crimson Rampage is the expansion that followed the base set, and now heroes clash is the latest entry. Over this past year, we’ve seen the MHA CCG grow into a franchise that can rival the likes of many CCGs that have existed for years. Many credit this success to My Hero Academia’s popularity, which features many great characters.

These great characters translate very well into the TCG card form; because of this, we’ve had a lot of great cards. One such card from the Heroes Clash expansion is the Piercing Needle XR, one of the set’s most coveted cards.

So we decided to decipher the hype behind this card, what makes it so popular, what its origins are, some fun trivia, and last but not least, the value!



The Piercing Needle XR features Himiko Toga, a villain in the anime since the first season. At first glance, she might look like an ordinary school-going girl; of course, she has a creepy smile, but that alone doesn’t make her a villain. Her quirk and her ability to cause harm to people using this quirk make her a villain.

She can transform into any person she isn’t, but first, she will have to drink blood from the person she wants to become. The more blood, the longer the transformation lasts. This is the reason why her card is filled with the color red and why she carries around syringes!

Himiko Toga XR


Piercing Needle XR isn’t the only card feature Toga in this set; there are two more. And rightfully so, Toga is a prevalent character despite being a villain!

Piercing Needle XR


Piercing Needle XR is probably the best Himiko Toga card we’ve received so far, and I say that with utmost clarity. This card represents her quirk, personality, and outfit in one single illustration. The villain is wearing her iconic costume; she also has needles and syringes, which she uses to drain blood, hence the name Piercing Needle!

Even though this is an illustration, a static drawing, any MHA fan will still feel Himiko’s creepy laugh when they see her on this card. The artist has done a great job of conveying the message of this villain.


As of writing this blog post, the card is being sold for around $40, which is a lot considering that the CCG is pretty new, and the fan base is not as large as compared to some other similar titles.

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