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Aggressive Clash XR from My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

Aggressive Clash XR is a part of My Hero Academia Heroes Clash Set!

The MHA CCG fandom has grown immensely in the past few months, it’s not even been a whole year since the release of the base set, and today we’re seeing a robust community surrounding this CCG. And rightfully so, MHA is probably the most many shounen airing right now and has a massive fan base.

Plus, the characters in the MHA are well fleshed out; hence almost every fan will have a different favorite character. It is one of the few shows where the side characters are as if not more popular than the protagonist himself.

The fantastic illustrations these cards come with also play a massive role in the CCG’s success. One such card is the Aggressive Clash XR from the latest expansion of the CCG,  My Hero Academia Heroes Clash. The card features two of the most popular characters in the show and has a lot of hype surrounding it.

So we decided to shed some light on its illustration, origins, fun trivia, and, most importantly, what the future holds for the value of this card!


Childhood buddies isn’t a term we’d like to use to define the relationship between Deku and Bakugo, or as he calls himself, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.

Bakugo has always been strong and sturdy, while Deku is weak and nerdy. But this playing field got leveled when Deku got his quirk via All Might. Since then, Bakugo has been trying his best to match the prowess Deku has, and the show explores their dynamic in much more detail.


The Heroes Clash Set features a new rarity called the Chrome Rares, which are metallic holo foil cards. And both Deku and Bakugo have their Chrome Rares, which is essential because only five characters got Chrome Rares, and these two are in these elite clubs. This goes to show how popular they are!

Aggressive Clash XR


Aggressive Clash XR features Deku and Bakugo going head-to-head, a site we’ve seen repeatedly in the anime. The relationship is very similar to the one Goku and Vegetta have, and fans just love it.

The illustration on the Aggressive Clash XR is dynamic, showing two of the most popular characters in the show in their Hero attire, which we don’t see quite often in the CCG. Also, the colors on the card blend very well, making the card look aesthetically pleasing.


As of writing this blog post, Aggressive Clash XR is sold for around $50 across reseller sites. The price may fluctuate speeding on the time of your reading and the condition of the card, so keep that in mind.

The future of this card looks bright as well, and we can see it holds its value. Because it is the most popular card from Heroes Clash and probably the best card featuring Deku and Bakugo.

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