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Master Animator Richard Williams Hand-Drawn Animated Film PROLOGUE

(Originally posted on the RubberOnion Animation blog - Click Image to visit)
(Originally posted on the RubberOnion Animation blog – Click Image to visit)

Richard Williams’ is continuing his boundary pushing pursuits in hand-drawn animation with “Prologue,” Moonbot shows how to make a perfect teaser, Danger Mouse is coming to the CBBC and Netflix… and since this is Pat’s penultimate episode as a regular co-host on the show we surprise him with a countdown of his 5 most memorable moments as submitted by you listeners! Now as for NEXT WEEK, at 6:30pm ET on Sunday, September 27th we’re having a special LIVE episode of the Podcast, complete with a chatroom where you can interact with us and other audience members. All that will be over at the RUBBERONION LIVE PAGE!

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(30:03)   Audience Question: “[What are] some of Pat’s writing inspirations/idols?” ~Chris Guido
(40:21)   In honor of Pat’s penultimate appearance as a co-host on the show, we countdown HIS TOP 5 BEST MOMENTS in the last 100ish episodes as submitted by YOU!
(57:09)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Richard Williams’ short animation trailer PROLOGUE

Moonbot Studios’ TAKING FLIGHT teaser

Full DANGER MOUSE pre-premiere trailer

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