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100 Episodes of The Rubber Onion Animation Podcast! Angry Birds, Peanuts, and Weird Simpsons

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This week’s animation podcast episode was LIVE and you listeners in the chatroom were amazing. We had animation news stories, trivia, Rapid Fire, audience voicemail, and a heartfelt goodbye from Pat who leaves the show as co-host to pursue his higher education and new career in Substance Abuse Counseling (contact him on Twitter if you or someone you know needs help). The entire unedited video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure, but if you want that clean, professional, edited feel you’ve come to love you can download the audio podcast right here! Thanks for being such a great audience for 100 episodes and to Andrew Kaiko for his amazing fan art which I’m using as the featured image for this episode with his permission. Check out his Patreon page and support his excellent work. Rob and I look forward to bringing you more focused content in these upcoming episodes… the hundreds! See you next week!

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(45:05)   Audience Voicemail!
(59:46)   Stephen lists the British/American differences he’s been adjusting to since moving away from his home in NYC
(1:11:29)   The Rubber Onion plays Trivia!
(1:19:24)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!
(1:28:29)   All the amazing #RubberOnionFanArt you submitted is discussed, check below for the embedded images with artist links
(1:40:34)   Pat’s goodbye

Full Archived video of the Live show! (check below for video embeds of news stories)

FAN ART by Nathan Viney’s YouTube Page
FAN ART by Sam Albro’s Animated Series
FAN ART by Andrew Kaiko’s Patreon
Wrestling-style Promo cut by Chris McEwan’s animation blog (mentioned at the 55min mark)

Weird Simpson VHS
Rob’s YouTube Page “Da Shimpsoons”

PEANUTS trailer 2


Nathan Viney’s animated short “DR WHO GOES GANSTA”

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