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The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic : Directing A Funeral for The Stage (Video)

New York – Friday, January 17, 2014

Performance artist Marina Abramović’s recent run of what could be called part performance art, part opera in Manhattan had great reviews.  It only played from December 12 – 21 at the Park Avenue Armory so I didn’t get a chance to experience it, and see if I could make it through without crying.  In this exclusive interview (video above) acclaimed director Robert Wilson talks about taking on the role of undertaker in the Life and Death of Marina Abramović – a funeral served three ways.


I have no expertise on judging good from bad performance art, but I do enjoy a good show.  Sad that I missed this.

Actor Willem DaFoe looks crazy as fuck.  This should have been the tagline for the show. “Life and Death of Marina Abramović – Co-Starring Crazy As Fuck Actor, Willem DaFoe .”


Written by Cojo Art Juggernaut
Video & Stills Provided by Crane.tv

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