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John Waters Digs Into A Warhol Time Capsule For Art World Gold

aug8-b-warhol-time-capsuleMURFREESBORO, TN- Thursday August 8,2013

I am on the road this week (hence the lesser amount of posts – trying to blog for the first time from my iPad and it is like catching flies with chopsticks so I apologize for bad formatting and messy paragraph breaks) and I wanted to show you this great video of indy film maker John Waters prospecting for art world gold.
If you have never heard of Warhol’s ” Time Capsules” they are less sophisticated than you might guess.  Every month Andy would throw all of his random postcards, photos, invites, playbills, junk mail, and random ephemera into a cardboard box.  This box would be sealed, labeled with the month and year and put in storage.
Now these virtual treasure chests are opened every so often via the approval of The Warhol Foundation, and the contents are discovered and catalogued.
They recently let Waters crack into one.

 Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

[via art info]

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