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Interview with Indie Animator Elliot Cowan, creator of “Boxhead & Roundhead”

Interview is Indie Animator Elliot Cowan director of The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead RubberOnion Animation Podcast Episode 102

Elliot Cowan is the indie animator and filmmaker behind the new movie “The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead.” We got to talk to him for 2 hours about everything from trends in big-budget animated films, the current state of art schools and the double-edged sword of making a feature-length animated film virtually by yourself. You listeners submitted so many great questions too and we get to all of them! You might be surprised what he thinks about the animation process and the Pixar movies Up and Cars.

Listen for animation mumblecore, “thanks Rob, shutup,” the grumpy animator theme song, how you pronounce Cowan and why it’s that way, and indie animators as home brewers.

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Topics & Timestamps:

(6:51)  Elliot introduces himself
(9:08)  We talk about cartoon reboots & the landscape of modern animation
(22:45)  He’s been illustrating a lot more since wrapping production on his film, here’s why
(25:35)  Why Art School may not be for everybody… and why it’s great if it is
(30:45)  Which schools have a “school style” and if that’s a good thing
(40:51)  Boxhead & Roundhead animated shorts, Chuck Jones and why B&R didn’t speak (before the film)
(43:20) Brothers in Arms animated short
(47:23)  With 9 animated shorts in the series under the belt, why make a feature length film?
(49:51)  Talking backgrounds and character design
(52:04)  Talking animation style and process
(57:11)  Easter eggs present in The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead
(1:02:16)  What does he feel the ultimate reward is for making an Indie Animated Film
(1:07:50)  Mr. Orso, Roundhead, and the representations of artists in the film
(1:11:51)  Stephen breaks down some of his favorite moments & meanings in the film
(1:17:50)  Does Elliot intend on making more animated shorts with the Boxhead and Roundhead characters?
(1:19:26)  About watching Independent film
(1:20:49)  Music in the film
(1:21:45) Audience Questions from Martin Bell, Curtis Jobling, Lewis Achenbach, Greg PughChris McEwan, Ronald Chaparro, JoWhimsy Indefinite, Andrew Kaiko, and Nathan Viney


Media Referenced During this Episode:

“Brothers in Arms” Boxhead & Roundhead series animated short (@43:20)

The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead trailer

The Boxhead and Roundhead behind the scenes production diaries

“The Death of Spider-Man” for Cartoon Hangover (@1:00:57)


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Written by
Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks is a freelance animator in NYC that specializes in a hand-drawn style. Being a professional since 2005, he also produces indie shorts with self-made music, sound fx & voices. Lately Stephen has taken to introducing others to animation with production VLOGs, a podcast, instructional videos and is writing a book on traditional principles in a digital world. View his animation work

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