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Interview with Adam Phillips: Brackenwood, Disney, working-from-home, and switching to Toon Boom – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #130

adam phillips interview brackenwood disney patreon toon boom and more on episode 130 of the RubberOnion Animation Podcast with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo

Adam Phillips (@chluaid) talked with us all about creating his amazing Brackenwood series, working at Disney, Bob’s Burgers and switching from Flash to Toon Boom and his book! He opened up about some health issues, education, his views on working from home, experience with popularity on the internet and the ill-fated Kickstarter for the Dashkin game. Check out his Patreon page which is going to help him return to Brackenwood for more films!

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Topics & Timestamps:

(3:22) Inspiration
(5:38) “Chluaid”
(7:58) Disney days
(10:00) Factory accident
(12:37) Talking Lobo
(14:58) Studio vs Freelance
(19:07) Bob’s Burgers
(25:35) Australian animation scene
(27:16) Getting out of the office
(29:46) Heart surgery
(34:24) Dashkin game
(41:53) Adam’s book “Animate to Harmony”
(44:54) Ween music video
(51:34) Patreon
(54:51) Newgrounds
(1:00:34) Bitey

(1:04:21) Mike Boas
(1:09:51) Jesse J Jones
(1:11:48) Christopher Murphy
(1:16:43) Joe Wayne
(1:19:13) Alex Dudley
(1:22:16) Ronald Chaparro
(1:24:06) Timothy Bergeron
(1:31:28) Lamont Wayne
(1:32:31) Nathan Viney
(1:34:16) Kaishu Mannella


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