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Live-Action VS Animation and what is Performance Capture, a discussion between two animators – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #131

live-action vs animation and performance capture on rubberonion animation podcast episode 131 with stephen brooks and rob yulfo

HOT-COCOA SHOW! While Jon Favreau’s “The Jungle Book” is wowing audiences it’s also kicked up a conversation about the role of Motion Capture in movies and if it should be considered Live-Action or Animation. We’ve talked about mo-cap on the podcast but this time I decided to do my research on the path that the technology has taken over the years and how it relates to the distinction in what the final product is called and broke it all down the way only we do on the RubberOnion Animation Podcast! I’d love to hear your thoughts (preferably after you listen to the show haha) in the comments section below. Enjoy the show, and check out the companion blog post on this topic!

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Topics & Timestamps:

(12:20) The “Avatar” Problem
(32:57) Motion Capture vs Rotoscope
(58:03) Possible Step 1: “Does the audience know it’s animation?”
(1:07:10) Possible Step 2: “Is it filmed in camera?”
(1:10:25) Possible Step 3: “Is it replication or refinement?”
(1:20:07) So… what’s the answer?!


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