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Interview with Alan Becker, creator of viral “Animator vs Animation” stick-fight series

This week we have a very special interview: Alan Becker, creator of the hit “Animator vs Animation” stick-fight series joins us to talk about his experience with Kickstarter, what happened when his first short went viral, and how he actually does the things he does! There’s a lot of really great stuff here for young and old animators from the Indie scene, especially when he starts talking about when and how he had to navigate the murky waters of a viral hit. And be sure to check out his work embedded below!

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(04:10)   Why do a fourth in the Animator vs Animation series?
(14:19)   Talking $$$
(20:53)   Problems with eBaums World
(48:03)   Talking the narrative of the full series
(1:07:07)   Achieving the tone
(1:11:40)   The ‘Rough Animations’ in the short
(1:13:59)   The undone YouTube scene
(1:18:13)   How he feels about the video being ripped and shared around
(1:25:52)   University and Major
(1:31:34)   Where we discuss his particular talent and where it might come from
(1:33:50)   Animating the horse

“Animator vs Animation 4”

Behind the scenes video

His Flash tutorials

“Animator vs Animation 3”

“Animator vs Animation 2”

“Animator vs Animation 1”

“If Water Had Eyes”

Spirited Away MineCraft project

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