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Freelance Artists share their worst experiences to learn from on Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This week we reached out to other animators and creatives to give us their worst experiences in freelance that they could share with us like ghost stories around a campfire. Spooooooky! The idea is that if you’re thinking of getting into freelance or can relate to some of these stories, they can serve as a heads-up on what you might encounter and/or how to prevent them. See? It’s fun AND educational. I’m very proud of this episode so I hope you enjoy it and get lots of great information out of it!

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(08:44)   Tristian Goik
(25:55)   ROB YULFO
(38:46)   Nathan Viney
(1:10:38)   Mat Elfring
(1:34:22)   Martin Bell
(1:50:24)   PAT RYAN
(1:56:23)   Andrew Kaiko

Andrew Kaiko’s new series “TidBits, with Norm & Cory”

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