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First 3D Printed Animated Short, Brad Bird’s “The Spirit” 1980 test animation

Another week FULL of stories and interesting topics… and I get a fantastic migraine during the recording this week, because why not? But that doesn’t stop us from recording an amazing episode for you all! Because we saw teaser trailers, Brad Bird’s would-be take on “The Spirit,” a 3D printed animated short, Toon Boom finally going subscription, and two new series (technically one new and one reboot)! Let me know the pain was worth it and leave a comment in this blog post (=

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(1:37:32)   Shoutouts! Benjamin Shelley, Andrew Kaiko, & our own Pat Ryan!

Making of video for 3D printed animated short “Chase Me” by Gilles Deschaud

“The Brave Locomotive” partly finished opening sequence by Andrew Chesworth

Brad Bird’s 1980 test trailer for “The Spirit”

Teaser for DreamWorks’ “Dragons: Race to the Edge” on Netflix

“When Marnie Was There” trailer from Studio Ghibli (via Rapid Fire segment – Andrew Kaiko @1:05:50)

Unreal Engine Realtime Environment Render test animated short “A Boy and His Kite” (via Rapid Fire segment – Timothy Bergeron @1:16:40)

“Axe Cop” season 2 trailer (from Rapid Fire segment – Samuel R. Albro @1:32:53)

Andrew Kaiko’s edutainment series “TidBits with Norm & Cory” playlist (from Shoutouts segment @1:38:44)

Pat Ryan’s Let’s Play series “My Controller is Broken” playlist (from Shoutouts segment @1:40:19)

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