Clio Art Fair is the main art fair in Manhattan for independent artists and five years down the line it continues to highlight and celebrate their achievements. Born from the vision of Founder and Director Alessandro Berni Clio’s idea is to celebrate and promote world-wide artists not have gallery representation in New York and help them realize their potential. Clio has since 2014 attracted and is still attracting artists from all walks of life and it runs twice per year; in March and October.

Clio Art Fair
Clio Art Fair, Faith Gabel-Simmons
Clio Art Fair, Eduardo Terranova
Clio Art Fair, Teri Keegan-Castrop
Artist Arthur Becker
Clio Art Fair, Ponie O, Jason Alexander
Artist Lorenzo Marini
Clio Art Fair, Robby Davis
Clio Art Fair, Anand PKC
Artist Lauralee
Clio Art Fair, Deanna Belton
Clio Art Fair, Ivana Miletic
Clio Art Fair, Marit Geraldine Bostad
Clio Art Fair, Kasmira Mohanty
Clio Art Fair
Clio Art Fair, I-Vanessa
Clio Art Fair, Gilbert Salinas

Clio is a unique platform of exhibition because it gives artists the ultimate freedom to use different types of material to create their work and they can deviate from the “accepted” art practice and definitions. Clio basically came into existence in order to challenge traditional art market methodologies.

In Greek mythology, Clio or Kleio, is the muse of history. The name is etymologically derived from the Greek root κλέω/κλείω meaning “to recount,” “to celebrate,” or “to make famous.” Clio Art Fair empowers artists by providing a platform where they can make their voices heard and also identify their creativity and inner potential. 

This March 2019 it took place the 8th edition of Clio Art Fair. The art fair ran from March 7th until March 10th showcasing artists from all over the world. All under one roof, the four days incorporated different forms of art, talent from all over the world and it facilitated the dialogue between artists and collectors, artists and curators, and so on. There was a face behind every artwork and the art lovers got a chance to take home any piece of art that caught their eyes.

VIP Opening Night
VIP Opening Night
VIP Opening Night
VIP Opening Night
Clio Art Fair
Clio Art Fair, Walter Brown
Clio Art Fair, Defne Gunturkun
Clio Art Fair, Walter Brown
Clio Art Fair, Alessandro Berni
Clio Art Fair, Jeffrey Peter
Clio Art Fair, Marion Cadet

79 artists showcased their prowess and creativity to the world. They took it upon themselves to prove to the world that art is beautiful and brings people together and, of course, it sells.

Clio Art Fair, Motoko Aritake-Wild
Clio Art Fair, Vikash Jha
Clio Art Fair, Alessandro Berni
Clio Art Fair, Rebecca Williams
Clio Art Fair, Drey Sorensen
Clio Art Fair, Suzanne Jill Levy

This edition was unique because the fair’s curatorial board prepared a special section titled “I want to go home.” It is dedicated to the figure of the clandestine and the refugee, as well as contemplating the physical and mental boundaries that condition the geopolitics of our world. The special section includes works of Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alessandro Penso, Ali Anvari, Gilbert Salinas, Roberto Gutierres Curras, PonieO, and Laura Mega.

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