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The Jewelry Maison Cartier has for many years been a significant part of New York City. It was founded in 1847 and is one of the world’s most esteemed houses of luxury, creating exclusive collections of high and fine jewelry, timepieces and prestigious accessories. Cartier was born from the idea of Cartier brothers, Louis Pierre and Jacques, more than 170 years ago who began traveling the world, placing curiosity and creativity at the heart of the maison and since then they have never stopped.

The Hudson Yards is the new location of Cartier and is now part of the beautiful and historical journey of marking a new milestone of the prestigious boutique. The new space for Cartier which is located at the Shops & Restaurant was designed by Parisian architect Bruno Moinard to showcase the innovative spirit of Cartier through its modern design, expansive floor plan and beautiful interior architecture.

Mercedes Abramo, the president and Chief Executive of Cartier North America says that, “ Moinard expertly balances Cartier’s heritage and modernity through a combination of luxurious details and exquisite materials, creating a subtle, elegant yet warm and welcoming experience. The boutique reflects his sophisticated vision with unique features incorporated to celebrate the innovative spirit of neighborhood.”

It is the first store in North America to showcase the new limited-edition collection, Les Galaxies de Cartier, inspired by the beauty and mystery of the universe.

It is comprised of rings, earrings, bracelets, a necklace, evening bag and a clock and is also the first Cartier boutique on the west side of Manhattan. The new collection at the Hudson Yards signals Cartier’s unwavering endeavor to blaze new trails from earthbound real estate to out of this world craftsmanship. It was designed to embody “the curiosity and imagination of the Maison.”

Cartier resonates with the universe across four stellar themes: “the Earth’s Lights,” a ring, bracelet and necklace trio that evokes a golden earth with yellow and blue sapphires, diamonds and fire opals; “Trembling Stars,” which showcases diamonds that visibly waver in their “trembling” settings, “The Alignment of the planets,” a homage to the planets’ divine choreography in a Tahitian pearl bracelet and cuff and “Fractal Meteor,” a sculptural collision of pink gold, diamonds, moonstones and milky quartz across an ensemble of accessories suited to the dreamy trope that we all come from stardust.

The most unique features of the new space are modernist Mydriaz chandeliers made by a Parisian fabrication company and are complemented by a glass façade, rich textures and some natural light.

Cartier’s new location will provide a balance between what Abramo calls the “full, traditional experience of Cartier’s Fifth Avenue mansion” and remote online shopping and it is intended to reach the next generation of West Side Clientele.

Cartier has always been driven by boldness and just like the city it is located in, it continues to be timeless yet modern. The extraordinary new boutique exemplifies the bold artistic spirit of New York’s newest neighborhood, Manhattan.

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