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CBD Creative Mind
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CBD and How It Can Unleash Your Creative Mind

CBD and A Creative Mind Cannabidiol, aka CBD oil, is all the craze these days for being a fantastic plant compound that comes...

Antibiotic Overuse
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The Art Of Solving Antibiotic Overuse in America

A Brief Introduction to Antibiotic Overuse and Its Affect Antibiotic overuse, and the increase in bacteria resistant to antibiotics, is one of the...

health care
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The Democrats Debate Health Care

Moving Toward a Revolutionized Health Care Among the hot-button issues Democrats debated last week, health care was one of the hottest. The candidates’ plans...

The Lymphatic System, CBD Oil, and Detoxification
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The Lymphatic System, CBD Oil, and Detoxification

  Studies show that CBD oil (cannabinoidl) can improve your lymphatic system, a very important mechanism in our bodies. The lymphatic system is...