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Cars 3 teaser, Annie Award Nominations, and sourcing audio for cartoons – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #167 “Annie Get Your Guns”

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SEGMENT EPISODE! This is a loose form chat surrounding a trailer and the Annie nominations but we get into interesting conversations regarding the difference between trailers and the final film and the nature of some artists’ oversupport of stop-motion to spite CG. There’s also an “Ax by Fax” audience question on sourcing audio for Indie projects and talking about the RubberOnion Podcast Drinking Game being formed on the forum!

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Topics & Timestamps

(5:02) How You Doin
(9:42) RubberOnion Drinking Game
(13:35) Trailer talk…
(14:10) Cars 3 Trailer
(33:13) Animation News of the Week…
(33:45) Annie Awards Nominations
(52:28) “Ax By Fax” Audience Question: “How do independent animators go about sourcing audio for their projects?” ~Elizabeth Honer

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