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“Big Hero 6” trailer, creepy new Happy Meal mascot, and plot details of Pixar’s “Inside Out”

This week we have listener submitted questions (!!) but not before talking about the “Big Hero 6” trailer, “Happy” the happy meal mascot, and a couple other stories. Also, what would The Rubber Onion podcast be without some weird tangents? Behold as we talk about music we don’t like and discuss the merits of the Michael Bay opus, “Pain & Gain.” And on a serious note, thanks to everyone who’s been listening and supporting this podcast! You’re awesome and really have made doing this fun and worthwhile week in and week out, through travel, tech issues, and diseases. We started with a little episode “zero,” still going strong at 30 and don’t intend on slowing down! We’re here to stay! Insert Drake reference!

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(28:13)   tangent: talking “Pain & Gain” on Netflix
(51:26)   Andrew Kaiko: “This is for all 3. If u could go back in time, what period and place would you go to and why?”
(1:01:15)   Walt Landon: “I want to know your guy’s thoughts on all the newer mainstream cartoons that are on tv for kids.”
(1:10:30)   Nathan Viney: “2d made a small come back with princess and the frog and winnie the pooh for Disney. Do you think there is any hope a return of that? Especially after the success of their 2 latest cgis”




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