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Artiholics Art Hamptons VIP Preview Party Coverage 2014 (1 of 2)

art-hamptons-2014-artiholicsBridgehampton, New York – Monday, July 14, 2014

The ArtHamptons Fine Art Fair enjoyed record attendance and sales last year,  it returned for the 7th edition this past Friday through Sunday, with an opening preview on Thursday Night. This year the fair is themed “Escape,” which is right up the alley for an event held in one of New York’s most desired summer retreat destinations.

The first major art event in the Hamptons this summer, organizers expected to see sales figures follow or supersede the record set last year. Artiholics enjoyed an exclusive preview black card access preview of the art and its crowd at the ArtHamptons Black Card First Look and Opening Night Preview.


The fair features 87 National and International Galleries, and art spanning 12 countries. This years show also promised to transport visitors into Korea’s thriving contemporary art scene with a Korean Showcase.

I took a break from painting the 10Subjects and helped my summer assistant Keziah get some flyers printed and bagged up with buttons pressed to give out at the show.  Keziah and my girlfriend Molly and I loaded up the car with gear, put on our Hamptons casual clothes and left the city.

Getting stuck in Long Island traffic didn’t set us back too much.  We arrived at the VIP black card first look an hour into the preview.  There was already a pretty solid crowd of Hamptons elites at work and socializing dressed to the nines, so we did a first lap around the fair to check out the art, the wine, and the overall scene before pulling out the camera and getting to work.

mobyThe first person I recognized right next to the central alcohol area was the musician Moby.

1Suzanne LaFleur (Lawerence Fine Art).


2Mary Ann Hill, Sandra Pelleher, and Parvi Parik.



Avalokitesvara 2, 2013
Long Bin Chen
Samuel Owen Gallery

3Andre Hurni.

4Kim and Amanda Coruzz.

5Roxine Brown, Charles Fischler, and Sheila Delaney.

6Nicole Ianniello and Mateo Suarez.

7Catherine Smith, Jonathan Smith, and Jennifer Mabley.

8Ruth Appelhof Guild Hall Executive Director.

z zzLightning Cat, 2014
La Roc
Lawrence Fine Art

Ellen and David North.

10Jin Lee Sang and Young Kim.

11Michele Zuflacht, president of the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association and legal commentator on Court TV with glass artist Thomas Coates.

12David Carr and real estate broker Felicia De Chabris.

13Paul Bollo and Robert Florio from Sotheby’s International Realty.

uThe Gentle Breeze, 2013
Like Nothing Happens, 2013
Li Jin
Dubner Moderne Galerie D’Art

14Michael Reynuso and Nicole Grill.

15Anastasia Kun and Darius Kun.

16Max Rowen, Matthew Hollander, Liam Chaskey, and Rowenna Chaskey.

17Haley Dunham-Otero and Dennis Ketcham.

18RJD Gallery owner Richard Demato and Eve Gianni Corio.

18aRichard Demato.

19Amy Gause from American Art Collector Magazine and Richard Demato.

20Artist Sherry Wolf in front of Mondrian Girl, at RJD Gallery.

21Joni Palmer with Sherry Wolf.

22Cindy Lou Wakefield and Lawton Wakefield (Producers of Art Hamptons)

23Robyn Cooper and Alan Cooper

24Ana Rosa and Lloyd Simon.

qArtwork by Lee, Yong-Deok
Pyo Gallery


25Pat, Pat, Bob, and Larry Siedlick of The Montauk Beach House.

26David Levy, Piav Kasia, Kay.

27Cherice Taylor and Eric Taylor.

28Carol and Michael Weismen (former executive producer of NBC Sports), with Michael and Barbara Bebon

29Lauren Roberts and Andrea Wernick.

30Rae Phoenix.

31Mitchell Summer.

32Buck and Amy Wessel.

33Y.K. Lee and Peter Stockfish.

o n

34Jill Sand and Dr. Barry Weintraub.

35Judy Patron, Nancy Abel, and Deborah Peters.

35aStreet Artist JQ.

36Event and wedding planner Katherine Orzano.

37Jon Gruen and Jeffrey Leff.

38Karen and Alex White.

39Rachel Speckenbach and Keriann Fitzpatrick.

40Life coach Susan Korwin.

i h

41Katya Musacchio, Jennifer McDonald, and Molly Brutomesso.

42Paul and Elish Match.

43Timothy Kokott, Janet Finket,and Lindsey Nobel.

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Photos by Keziah Quek
Photo Assistant Molly Roberson
Words by Cojo “Art Juggernaut” and Keziah Quek


Written by
Cojo Art Juggernaut

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Artiholics, Art Sucks, and the soon to be launched podcast Artist In Repose, Cojo "Art Juggernaut" (Colin C. Jorgensen) is a NYC based artist, art writer, and occasional photographer.

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