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Armory Arts Week Is Coming… Running the Gauntlet

armoryNew York, NY- March 5-10

The craziest marathon run of art fairs is coming yet again to NYC next week, and I am currently sharpening my blade and tying on my Rambo style bandannas for the ultimate challenge in art going.  The annual high speed art slog through giant warehouses of art, packed floor to ceiling with galleries from around the world showing only the tippiest of their top shelf wares, pieces that they presume will pay for them to have paid to ship.

With VIP press openings and after parties, the fairs are only active for 6 to 7 days.  Trying to make it to all of them is insane, but luckily for you I am just that kind of insane.   I normally refer to this is nearly impossible feat as “Running the Gauntlet*”  hopefully this expression will one day catch on.  Mind you, I am sure attending each fair with a chauffer and personal art fair liaison is a lot easier than hoofing it on foot and by subway, but I can guarantee I am maybe one of 100 independent art bloggers in the world who has the time and endurance to make it to all of them, and take a lot of good photos along the way.  This should be interesting and as exhausting as usual.  I await the challenge Armory Arts Week…bring it.

If you want to challenge yourself, visit Armory Arts Week for details on all of the various shows.  When it gets closer to the date I will give you a summary of what you can expect from all the different fairs, so if you don’t have the time or cash (some of these fairs are +$30) to run the entire gauntlet, I will make it easier for you to pick and choose.

*Note, my focus is on American painting and drawing so I always exclude the Moving Image show, and the New City Art Fair: Japanese Contemporary Art.  Usually there are a few other fairs: Verge, & Pulse, so this year I will be attending 8 fairs rather than the usual 10 to 15.

Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

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