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Animated short “KLAUS” looks like CGI but is hand-drawn animation

An animated bomb called “Klaus” was dropped on the community this week screaming that hand-drawn animation can visually compete with CG in today’s climate. And then the creator, Sergio Pablos, says that he’ll talk about the techniques used to create the short trailer at an Annecy talk. That’s about as close to a mic-drop as we get in the animation field… so we talk about it… a lot! Other stories include Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” teaser, Mega Man getting a TV show, Disney adapting another animation into live-action and a bunch more actually (which is why this episode is almost 2.5hrs long)! Also, I drop an announcement this week about the special episode we have coming NEXT week so be sure to listen for that and send me all your questions via this blog post comment section and/or the #RubberOnionPodcast tag on Twitter and Facebook. To the show!!

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(1:54:23)   RAPID FIRE!!!
(2:03:10)   Audience Question: “Who would be in your dream team in making a animated film? (Directors, Writers, FX , Voice actors, etc.)” ~Ronald Estid Chaparro
(2:09:06)   Audience Question: “What type of animation trope would you each like to not see on the air or on the web? And most important, film?” ~Ronald Estid Chaparro
(2:15:28)   Shoutouts! Alex Miller, Benjamin Shelley and Sam Albro

KLAUS animated short teaser

Mini-interview with Sergio Pablos, owner of SPA Studios and creator of “Klaus”

THE GOOD DINOSAUR teaser trailer

FANTASIA’s ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ sequence

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