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Oscar Nominee Don Hertzfeldt’s comment on selling animation online, Audience question about going Freelance or Salary Job

With Stephen and Rob taking on this episode alone with only their wits to guide them, stumble they do into a discussion about how and when to charge for your animated content thanks to a Vanity Fair interview of Don Hertzfeldt. We also field a question at the end about whether a listener should go into Freelance, move to a different city for a salary job or both. It’s an all your-stories episode this week so strap in for the shoutouts and name drops!

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(59:54)   “Kung Fury”
(1:28:27)   Audience Question: “For nostalgic purposes, what animated show would you each like to see have a second run on air or on the web?” ~Ronald Estid Chaparro
(1:29:49)   Audience Question: “…I find animation jobs very hard to find locally and I’m constantly feeling torn between starting my own freelance work online or moving to where the work is and trying to get into the industry… Does anyone else struggle with this? Advice on personal skills sets for both? Pros and Cons for relocating? Do some people do both (industry and freelance)?” ~Kristen Loader

“Kung Fury”

“Cosmos Laundromat” pilot trailer

“Texas Rising” main titles by King and Country

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