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Italian Fine Artist lands in Los Angeles

Ylenia Mino is a successful international artist. She creates fine oil on canvas paintings in a very empowering way: her artworks are a path to reach and touch the hearts and the lives of people. We had a chance to meet her face to face at the opening of her solo show “Art is Why I Get up in the Morning” at Hellada Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.


We are so thrilled to learn more about her nuanced artistic practice, international career and how her varied, eclectic artistic training impacts her work today. We attended her vernissage at Hellada Gallery in Long Beach, CA and we admired her beautiful artworks. Her desire as an artist is to give peace and joy to people through her artwork as an expression of peace, freedom and jeux du vivre. It’s the union between the energy originated by the strong colors and the quietness of the resting cold colors that makes her artwork unique.

The artist has a prevalent career abroad, especially in the United States, with an upcoming art project in Miami Beach this August, an ongoing art exhibition on Martha’s Vineyard, and an upcoming art show in Los Angeles in November.  The artist has recently collaborated with Aquarium of the Pacific this May in Long Beach, California and Universal Music Group in Malibu.


The vernissage took place on Saturday, July 14, 5 – 8 PM, at Hellada Gallery, 117 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA. The show will be at display until Friday, September 7th 2018.

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