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The Joan Miró Sert Studio Reopened on December 2018

Miró’s Sert Studio at the Joan Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca reopened after a period of 10 months – renovation. The studio which was a dream come true for the late artist Miró, was built from the designs of a good friend architect Josep Lluís Sert, 18 Years after Miró  left his native home Barcelona for Mallorca. The studio’s designing process was carried out through a series of letters sent by the two, with Sert working from New York and Miró in Mallorca. Crammed with small pieces of furniture, work tools, notebooks, newspapers cuttings as well as postcards, Sert Studio features a wing-like roof with massive windows that draw light into the space which Miró worked from. Comprising of a number Joan Miró paintings and drawings, the studio is much like the artist left it in 1983 – living by his word “I want everything that I leave behind to stay just as it is when I am gone”.

While restoring the building the Joan Miró Foundation replaced 65 sculptures and canvases (original pieces) at risk of damage with exact replicas. Also a new entrance which guides visitors into the building has been created.

Miró’s Sert Studio focuses on Sert and Miró’s longstanding, long-distance friendship, which was not only inseparable from Miró‘s story but also the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona – also designed by Sert.

Artist Joan Miró i Ferrà was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. The museum Joan Miró Foundation (Fundació Joan Miró) was dedicated to the artist’s works. The Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró (Joan Miro Foundation) was established in Palma de Mallorca and another in his native city of Barcelona.

The Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca comprises of a main building which exhibits about 6000 works by the artist including: paintings and sculptures, a sculpture garden, library, Miró’s Studio Sert and the Finca Son Boter. The foundation was created by Joan Miró and his wife Pilar Juncosa 1981.

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