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The art of Pokemon: Umbreon V Max from Brilliant Stars!

The Umbreon V Max is a part of Pokemon Brilliant Stars, released in February 2022!

Pokemon celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year. It was a grand celebration; we got a brand new Celebrations set with reprints from the past and new main series games that no one saw coming. After such a hectic 2021, you might think that Pokemon will take a break for a while.

But Pokemon is already back, in 2022, with their first expansion of the year, Brilliant Stars! The expansion shows the potential to be one of the best expansions we’ve had over the past couple of years. The cards in the expansion have been illustrated beautifully and have a lot of trainers on them!

This theme is followed throughout the set, and one such card is the Umbreon V Max. The card is an attention-grabber, thanks to the artists who illustrated it. So today, we will be discussing this card, its origins, some trivia, who illustrated it, and what the future holds for this card!


Umbreon, as you know, is an eeveelution that made its debut in the second generation of Pokemon games. An Eevee evolves into an Umbreon, if you level it up at night when the same is done in the daytime, you get an espeon.


Apart from the Umbreon Vmax, the expansion also has the Umbreon V, a coveted card from Brilliant Stars. Both the V and V Max have one thing in common, both feature the Umbreon Trainer Karen.


The illustration on any TCG card is one of its main selling points; in fact, most of the collectors out there don’t even play the game; they’re just there to collect their favorite cards.

The Umbreon V Max in Brilliant Stars has been drawn by a talented artist named Kawayoo. The artist’s art style is very recognizable, especially the backgrounds, often featuring grand sceneries.

Some other cards that show Kawayoo’s full talent are shown above.


When Brilliant Stars was initially released, the card’s price peaked at $230 on; other sites had even higher valuations. Once more cards started to come into circulation, the price dropped significantly, and it might continue until it stabilizes.

At the moment is being sold for anywhere between $60-80 on multiple sites. Though the value has dropped since the release, in the past, Umbreon cards have managed to hold their price pretty well over the years. This might one may follow the same footsteps as well.

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