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The art of Pokemon: Ultra Rare Mew V Alternate Full Art from Pokemon Fusion Strike!

The Ultra Rare Mew V Alternate Full Art is a part of the Pokemon Fusion Strike expansion pack!

The fusion strike expansion will be the last one for the year 2021, and the Pokemon company left no stones unturned to make it a special expansion. Not only is it one of the best this year, but it also rivals the likes of Pokemon Evolving skies which contained a lot of great cards.

Fusion strike follows the pink color theme to the heart. Hence the Pokemon who are prominent not in this expansion are also pink or some shade of Pink. Mew, Genesect, and Gengar being the one show got the most love, while Mew was the box art mascot and also the card which is the most prominent in Pokemon Fusion strike.

One such Mew card in the expansion is the Ultra Rare Mew V Alternate Full Art which is just mesmerizing, to say the least, the beauty of the card is unparalleled, but there is more to it than just what meets the eye, and we will be discussing about the features of this card in this blog so that you’re aware of this card’s main selling points when you buy or sell it!


As all of us Poke fans know, the Mew was the Pokemn which is the original descendant of every Pokemon on the planet, and hence it can also learn almost every move in the Pokemon universe.

Mew is a mythical Pokemon that looks like a mixture of a rat and a cat with pink color all over it. Mew can also fly even though it doesn’t have any wings or any body part which can let it fly. Mew has also been a popular Pokemon since the time it was introduced!


Now get his, in Pokemon fusion strike there is not 1, not 2, not there, not 4, but 5 different Rare Mew cards!

The first one is the one we’re talking about which is the Ultra Rare Mew V Alternate Full Art, then we have the Secret rare Mew Vmax Alternate Art, Mex Vmax Secret Rare Rainbow, Ultra rare Mew Vmax, and Ultra-rare Mew V full art. Now that’s a mouthful!


The Ultra Rare Mew V Alternate Full Art is one of the most beautiful mew cards in the expansion, and possibly the most beautiful card in Pokemon Fusion Strike. In the card, we can see Mew is accompanied by beings as well, and it only adds to the charm of the card.

Ultra Rare Mew V Alternate Full Art has been illustrated by the talented Naoki Saito who is known for his great artwork in the TCG, especially cards that have been designed more on the cartoony side, like the Duraludon V from Evolving Skies and the Post Malone V card which are shown above!


As of writing this article, the Mew V is being sold for a whopping $60! And the card was even more expensive a few months ago when it peaked at $115!. So just maybe the price may go down more as more cards start coming in rotation.

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