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The art of Pokemon: Secret Rare Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret from Pokemon Fusion Strike!

The Secret Rare Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret is a part of the Pokemon Fusion Strike expansion pack!

Fusion Strike was the last of what we’ll be seeing from the Pokemon TCG in 2021. It ended the year on a bang and gave us many great chase cards, especially the Mew and Gengar’s cards are looking sleek!

The TCG grew a lot this year, expansion packs like evolving skies and the Celebration’s set being the key highlights of this year. But Fusion Strike isn’t much behind, and the expansion has many cards on par with Evolving Skies. As time goes by, the expansion might even surpass Evolving skies.

Out of the many great cards in Fusion strike, today we will be getting into the nitty-gritty of the Secret Rare Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret. The name is a mouthful, and the talking point about this card are the same, a mouthful!


As we all know, Mew is the first generation’s adorable pink Pokemon which apparently is the ancestor of all the Pokemon on earth. Mew has been the center of many Pokemon stories and games ever since its inception. Rightfully so, it is a popular figure inside the Pokemon community, and people genuinely love it.

Mew is also very loved in the Pokemon universe, where the evil team rocket tries to clone him to fulfill their evil deeds. Still, they end up with the menacing Mew-Two!

Mew can learn almost every moves in the Pokemon universe, giving it an edge over all the other Pokemon. Another weird thing about Mew is its power of flight; as it doesn’t have any wings, how does it fly?


Mew is the most prominent Fusion strike; the booster boxes even have Mew on them. Every marketing campaign used Mew in the forefront, so seeing so many great Mew cards in the expansion is not a surprise. There are 5 different rare Mew cards in Fusion strike, and each is a great pull.

But Secret Rare Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret is the most valuable and the hardest to pull from the expansion!


The Secret Rare Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret has been illustrated by the super talented Akira Egawa. The TCG is home to many great artists. Still, Akira Egawa has been one of the best this year, especially in the Vmax climax expansion released in Japan only.

Some of the most notable works from Akira Egawa are the Zekrom from Vmax Climax and Chandelure VMAX from Fusion strike; just look at these cards; they are just magnificent, to say the least.


As we mentioned earlier, the Secret Rare Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret is the most expensive Mew card in Fusion strike at the moment. The card is being sold for a whopping $110, and even more if the condition is better.

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