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The art of Pokemon: Holo Rare Mew from Pokemon Celebrations!

The Holo Rare Mew is a part of the Pokemon Celebrations set!

Mew is one popular Pokemon; almost everyone in the fandom will agree to this. Not only is it the Pokemon from which almost every other pokemon species might’ve evolved, but it also has tremendous powers that can take on any legendary Pokemon. The TCG also has been pretty nice to this gentle little creature.

Almost every Mew card is top-notch, usable in the competitive space. This has kept the Pokemon relevant for such a long time, even though Mewtwo might sound like a much better alternative to many.

The showering of love for the Mew TCG cards continues in the 25th-anniversary collection set as well. The Holo rare mew is one of the most coveted cards from the set, and if you’re looking for more information about it, you’ve landed in the right place!


Mew is a Mythical Pokemon revealed in the first generation of Pokemon games. Some believe Mew is the ancestor of every Pokemon that lives on earth; this has been implied because of Mew’s extraordinary powers. You can also say that it is a part of the Mew-Duo, which includes Mewtwo.

Mew can learn any Technical Machine, Technical Record, Hidden Machine, and Move Tutor move in the franchise!


The Holo Rare Mew is a part of the Celebrations set. There is yet another Mew card inside the Celebrations set, a much-coveted card, the Shiny Mew. You can read more about it here – The art of Pokemon: Shiny Mew from Celebrations!

The Holo Rare Mew’s unique ability allows you to scan the top 6 cards in your deck, take an item card if it’s there, and put it in your hand, followed by reshuffling the deck once again. This can only be done when the Holo Rare Mew is in the active spot!


The Holo Rare Mew has the Pokemon in the center, floating around happily. The Pokemon shines through the background, which suits the Mythical aura Mew is known to have.

The beautiful Holo rare was created by Yuu Nishida, who has some excellent illustrations. The illustrator seems to be making use of the almost pastel-like backgrounds very often in their artworks. Most of the time, illustrators for Pokemon will do detailed illustrations of the Pokemon.

But Yuu Nishida seems to be prioritizing the background as well. Some cards showing off Yuu Nishida’s card are as follows.


The card is a Holo and will indeed have a better value than the common or uncommon cards from the set. Thre Holo rare is being sold for $0.5 as of writing this blog post. The prices may fluctuate in the future, but judging by the demand for the celebration set and the Mew cards, the price may increase in the future.

And even if it doesn’t, many collectors will very likely keep this adorable Pokemon in their personal collection!

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