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The art of Pokemon: Holo Rare Lugia from Pokemon Celebrations!

The Holo Rare Lugia is a part of the Pokemon 25th-anniversary Celebrations Set!

Pokemon is celebrating 25 years of its existence this year, and they’re leaving no stones unturned. With the announcement of the Sinnoh remakes and a brand new game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the franchise made every Poke fan on earth happy and gave them something to look forward to in this dire pandemic.

Apart from the games, the franchise also released the coveted Celebrations set, which has some of the best cards of the TCG in it as reprints. They even added new metal cards!

Any card from this 25th-anniversary set will demand high prices in the future, as it will always be remembered as the card from the 25th-anniversary set. One such card is the Holo Rare Lugia.



Lugia and Ho-oh are an integral part of the Pokemon main series games, as they were both box art legendaries for Pokemon Silver and Gold. Some say Lugia and Ho-oh are a part of a duo, while some believe that the complete opposite is true and they are polar opposites. Regardless of the theories, Lugia and Ho-oh seem to have some sort of connection, what kind of, that’s up to you to ponder upon!

Lugia is like the gang leader of the legendary birds, as when the birds inevitably start sparring, Lugia is the one that calms them down. It is also known to cause storms by simply flapping its wings!



We’ve talked so much about the relation between the two legendaries, Lugia and Ho-oh, and the creators of the TCG cards know this as well. Hence when the Lugia card was created for the Celebration set, the Ho-oh card was made to compliment the Holo Rare Lugia!

In the images above, you can clearly see the similarities between Holo Rare Lugia and Holo Rare Ho-oh; both seem to be in the same place. And bot these cards were created by the same illustrator! In fact, if you join these cards together, you’ll see that the cards are a part of a single illustration.



The illustration is by far one of the most important aspects of any TCG card, be it a trainer card or a Pokemon card; if the artist creates something special, we instantly notice it. The same can be said for the Holo Rare Lugia by Kouki Saitou, who is responsible for the illustration.

Kouki Saitou’s most notable works include the Espeon Vmax, Pikachu V union, Galarian Corsola, and many more!


As of writing this blog post, the rare holo Lugia is being sold for less than a dollar, $0.11 to be precise. The price may also vary depending upon the time you’re checking it, the card’s condition, and the supply in the market.

You can even get the Ho-oh card to of along with it to keep the duo together. Any card from this 25th-anniversary set will demand high prices in the future, as it will always be remembered as the card from the 25th-anniversary set.

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