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The art of Pokemon: Holo Rare Ho-oh from Pokemon Celebrations!

Ho-Oh basic

The Ho-oh basic card was released in the Pokemon Celebrations expansion pack!

The Pokemon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and they’ve been putting out some greta releases this year. The Celebrations expansion is just one of the many new Pokemon releases! The Celebrations expansion is one of the most coveted releases of this year and probably will be one the most collectible expansion in years to come.

The Celebrations expansion contains a lot of reprints of old cards, which have skyrocketed in value recently. It also includes some all-new and unique cards that are worth collecting.

The Ho-oh basic card is part of this expansion and a card worth having if you want to complete your collection. This article will shed some light on the card’s origins, its current and future market value, and the hype surrounding it!

Ho-Oh origins

Ho-oh has been the face of the second generation of Pokemon, so it has been around for a while now. It is closely related to Lugia as it is considered the guardian of the skies and Lugia the guardian of the sea. Both these Pokemon were on the covers of the second generation games.

Ho-oh is a bird Pokemon; it resembles a Peacock and a Phoenix. It has mostly red and golden feathers covering its bodies. It is known to be closely associated with the move scared fire! It is even worshipped in many parts of the Pokemon universe. That’s not it, Ho-oh is known to resurrect the dead, it also leaves a rainbow behind when it flaps its wings.

Simply put, it’s a glorious Pokemon!


The Ho-oh basic is a fire-type card from the celebrations expansion. The card’s artwork is a part of an illustration that also contained Lugia!

The cards number in the English set is 001/025.


The illustration is by far the most important thing on any TCG card. The illustrator’s intention behind every artwork is unique, and it is essential to understand it! This Ho-oh card was created by Kouki Saitou, who has done a lot of great TCG cards!

The illustration on this card is a joint illustration with Ho-oh’s counterpart, Lugia. Some of the best artworks from the illustrator include Pokemon V-union and Espeon V max!


The Ho-oh card is basic, it is abundant in the booster packs, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one. The card’s price right now is around $0.07, which isn’t a lot but judging by the artwork of the card and the current hype around the Celebrations set, this price can increase in the future!

The illustrator of the card put genuine effort into making the Ho-oh look good and also managed to add something unique to it, so having this in your collection regardless of the price is a great idea!

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