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The art of Pokemon: Reshiram from Pokemon Celebrations!

The Reshiram Basic is a part of the 25th-anniversary Celebrations set.

The year 2021 marks the 25 years of existence of the Pokemon franchise, in order to celebrate this milestone the Pokemon company put out a brand new set known as the celebration set which contains a lot of reprints of older coveted cards and also some unique and new ones.

The avid Pokemon fans will not want to miss out on all these great cards as they can be an integral part of their collections. One such card from the celebrations set is the Reshiram basic card. This card depicts Reshiram in a graceful pose, but there’s more to the card than what meets the eye.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at its origins the illustrator’s intentions behind the artworks and also the current and future value of the card!


Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire-type legendary Pokemon that was first introduced in the 5th generation of Pokemon. It was also the box art Pokemon of Pokemon Black edition. It can fuse with Kyurem to create a whole new Pokemon known as the White Kyurem!

Reshiram is considered to be a noble Pokeon, helping out those who want to build a world of truth. That being said the Pokemon also packs a punch when it wants to. Reshiram is known to contain massive powers that when unleashed can leave an entire city in flames!


There are two different Reshiram cards in the Celebrations set, both are basic but one of them is a full art hence demands higher prices.

The illustration on the Reshiram Basic is done by Aya Kusube who are also responsible for the Zekrom card in the celebrations set. Both Reshiram and Zekrom were box art legendaries for the 5th generation games. There seems to be a running theme in both the Reshiram and Zekrom cards form the set and is also quite visible in the cards.


Aya Kusube is responible frm creating the Reshiram potrait on the basic card. The art style of Aya Kusube is recongnizable due to the one of kind background details they add to the card. The background on the Reshiram card seems to be up in flmaes which are very similar to how the ancient Japanese artist drew flames. The flames are representation of Reshiram’s will as it’s main powers stem form its fire typing!

Aya Kusube’s cards have almost a painting like aestehtic to them. Some of the most popular cards from the illustrator are the Sableye from Guardians Rising and Elgyem from Breakthrough!


As Reshiram Basic is a part of the celebrations set, even though it is a basic, it is being sold for as high as $1 on eBay. Different sellers are demanding different prices for the card based on its condition, but you can get the card for much cheaper on sites like!

As it is a basic card it most probably will hold more value when put in a collection. Regrdless of that, the cards value can rise in the future only by a small margin as the card isn’t very rare.

But if you’re planning on starting a collection, having this baisc card will be the right thing to do!

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