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The Art of Pokemon: Medicham V Alternate Art from Evolving Skies!

Medicham V

Medicham V Alternate was a part of the evolving skies expansion pack.

The Evolving Skies expansion was released on August 27, 2021, and with it, we got a ton of new and unique TCG cards to add to our ever-increasing collection. Some of the most notable cards from the expansion being priced at more than $200, it is safe to say the expansion was a huge success.

The Medicham V Alternate Art card stole the show in the expansion for being one of the most unique cards the Pokemon has ever seen. The card boasts excellent artwork, and the creativity of the illustrator in the background is on display! We can even see a couple of Pokemon in the background, adding to the card’s uniqueness.

The Medicham V Alternate art card indeed has a good market value. Still, before adding it to your collection, you should know what it is all about. The illustrator’s motive behind the card and why it will be a great addition to your collection!

Medicham Origins

As we all know, Medicham is inspired by the South Eastern Yoga Sages; the Pokemon’s design shows that pretty clearly. As any Yoga sage would, Medicham is also very good at meditation and is quite flexible. Infact the name is based on the word meditation.

It is a Psychic/Fighting-type, and this type makes a lot of sense. By practicing yoga and meditation for a long time, the Pokemon has developed Psychic powers.

And the flexibility that yoga blessed it with is used to perform elegant dance moves, which are used to dodge attacks and hit the opponent with accuracy.


The Medicham V is an Alternate art V card and was a part of the evolving skies expansion pack. Along with the Medicham V Alternate Art, we also got two other Medicham cards, namely the Meducham V (Full Art) and the Medicham V.


The beautiful Medicham V Alternate Art is illustrated by the talented KIYOTAKA OSHIYAMA, who is responsible for many great artworks in Pokemon. As you can see, the card is filled with bright colors and a lot of characters in the back as well; the background is quite vibrant, and a lot is happening in terms of the landscape.

It seems like this is KIYOTAKA OSHIYAMA‘s signature style. When you look at their other cards, you realize this theme of vibrant artworks is clearly seen. The Kecleon and Sandy Gast cards are somewhat similar to the Medicham card in terms of art style.


With a card with so much lore behind it, excellent illustrations, and an alternate art card, the price of the Medicham V was surely going too high. On sites like eBay and, the Medicham card is being sold for over $20!

If you’re lucky, you can get one for as low as $16-17, but the condition may not be mint. As discussed earlier, the card boasts some great artwork.

So collectors will flock to the stores to get one to add to their collection. IT is safe to say that it would be a good investment in your collection.

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