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The art of Pokemon: Classic Collection Xerneas from Pokemon Celebrations!

The classic collection Xerneas EX is a reprint of the Xerneas EX from the X&Y base set!

The EX Xerneas was a popular card back in the day, and even today, it is an exceptional card. The original Ultra Rare Xerneas EX is being sold for $5 on multiple sites, which is not a lot compared to some other EX cards sold or hundreds of dollars.

Not every TCG collector is in it for the money, so if you like the card and want to get one, now’s a great opportunity as the celebrations set has done a special reprint of it.

The card is a part of a classic collection subset that has reprints of all the iconic cards from the past. In this blog, we’ll discuss the origins, the usability, and the value of the card going forward!


The Classic Collections Xerneas EX isn’t the only Xerneas card in the set; there is yet another Xerneas card which is the Holo Rare Xerneas; read more about it here – The art of Pokemon: Holo Rare Xerneas from Pokemon Celebrations!

Xerneas is a fairy-type Pokemon that was first introduced in the 6th generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon X & Y. It was the box art legendary of Pokemon X.

Xerneas has huge antlers that resemble a tree’s roots; these antlers also glow in different colors when Xerneas is active. The Pokemon is known to sleep for thousands of years, making it immortal. Many believe it can share this gift of eternal life with others as well.



The Xerneas EX is a part of the classic collection, a subset in the 25th-anniversary set, but it is currently unplayable. All the cards in the subset of the classic collection are reprints. Hence none of these cards are actually playable.


The illustrator for the card is none other than 5ban graphics. The same illustrator is responsible for popular cards like the Mew Vmax and the Gengar Vmax from Fusion strike!

The illustrator’s art style has evolved over the years, as you can see from the cards. The Xerneas EX has very bright illustrations; as it is a Xerneas, there are many colors. But 5ban graphics often utilizes the bases colors of the Pokemon to create a bright/shiny background, as you can see in the Mew and Gengar Vmax.


The original Xerneas EX Ultra Rare from the X & Y base site is being sold for less than $5. But surprisingly, the reprint of the card, the classic collections Xerneas EX are being sold for $11, which is more than double the price of the original one.

As there is a lot of demand for the card in the community, they’re also a lot of supply. It is a reprint, after all, and not of a very famous card. But who knows, the card’s value might increase if the supply goes down all of a sudden.

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