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The art of Pokemon: Charizard V Alternate Full Art from Brilliant Stars!

The Charizard V Alternate Full Art is a part of Pokemon Brilliant Stars!

2022 is off to a great start for every Poke fan around the globe. Apart from the next generation games being announced and Legends: Arceus release, we also have gotten a brand new expansion, Pokemon Brilliant Stars. The expansion holds a lot of potential and houses many coveted cards.

One of which is the Charizard V Alternate Full Art, one of the most in-demand cards since the release. Its beautiful artwork attracts every Pokemon TCG collector, so we decided to shed some light on this fantastic piece.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the origins of the card, followed by some fun trivia, the illustration and last but to least, the value the card holds right now.


Charizard is one of the original three starters introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games. It is undoubtedly the most popular Pokemon in the world after Pikachu. This fiery lizard has been a staple of the Pokemon company for years, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop being anytime soon.

The Pokemon is very rare and is very hard to catch. It is often seen flying over forests, trying to find Pokemon to fight it!


The Charizard V Alternate Full Art shows the Charizard fighting against a Venusaur in the middle of a Volcano!

Charizard tends to get a spacial treatment often in the TCG. But, Pokemon Brilliant Stars is showing it some extra love this time around. There are 5 different Charziard chase cards in the expansion, each one of which is being sold for crazy prices right now.


The Charizard V Alternate Full Art is known for its phenomenal illustration. The card has been illustrated by the super talented Ryoto Murayama. The artists have been churning out some great designs for a while now, some of which are shown above. The Sylveon V Max especially had been a massive hit amongst fans and holds its value today.

Ryoto Murayama’s designs look like they’re straight out of a movie scene. This is because of the minute attention to the detail they give in their cards, especially the backgrounds. The Pokemon look even more epic when you couple them with incredible scenery.


The card’s value soared when the Brilliant Stars expansion was just released. Plus, the Charizard V is an alternate art card making it even more popular amongst TCG collectors. If you try to buy one right now, it’ll cost you anywhere between $180-200! Now that’s a lot of money for a modern Pokemon card.

The card has seen a lot of hype, so it might hold its value for a while, and possibly in the long term as well.

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