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Thanksgiving Cartoon Specials, crass review of The Peanuts Movie, and what animators are thankful for

rubberonion animation podcast thanksgiving special episode 2015 what we're thankful for and pat's peanuts movie review

HOLIDAY EPISODE! It’s Thanksgiving in the United States so we talk a lot about that – how we celebrate, what holiday specials we like to watch, etc. But this week we also finally get to hear what Pat thought about The Peanuts Movie!! We top it all off by saying what Rob & I are thankful for in the animation world. If you’re celebrating this Thursday, have fun and stay safe! If you’re not celebrating… same. Enjoy the show!

Listen for “All in the Hamily,” alternative modem, sparkling apple juice, and Dunkaroos.

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Topics & Timestamps:

(1:39)  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Float Suggestions
(6:31)  Talking about Thanksgiving
(11:13)  Thanksgiving Cartoon Specials
(24:12)  Trailer Talk…
(24:51)  Kung Fu Panda 3
(32:35)  Anomalisa
(43:47)  Finding Dory
(1:24:00)  Slow Burn Topic: “What are you thankful for, in animation”


Media Referenced During this Episode:

RubberOnion’s Thanksgiving Playlist (the good AND the bad… everything we talked about that I could find on YouTube is here)

Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer

Anomalisa trailer

Finding Dory teaser trailer


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