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Animators discussing their worst experiences in their Freelancing jobs and how to avoid those problems

rubberonion animation podcast halloween special freelance horror stories 2
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The “Freelance Horror Stories” are back with a part 2 with stories from YOU listeners and even past interviewees, Elliot Cowan and Exit 73 Studios! The point of this episode is to expose you to the bad experiences that animators have in the industry and then Rob and I (Stephen) give a postmortem on the event to learn what went wrong and why… so if in the future you run into a similar situation you’ll know what to do! Thank you so much for all your participation, we got some fantastic stories this year and it was great talking with you all! Enjoy the show and have an amazing Halloween weekend! And don’t be afraid to share some of your costumes in the comment section below

Listen for “who doin’ it,” joker mask, “you can’t make 100 outta 50,” and spirit man.

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Topics & Timestamps:

(7:09)   Martin Bell‘s story
(25:42)   Sam Albro‘s story
(36:02)   Kristen Loader’s story
(1:00:32)   Rob Yulfo‘s story
(1:07:57)   Stephen Brook‘s story
(1:12:11)   Elliot Cowan‘s story
(1:17:07)   Exit 73 Studio‘s (Chris Burns & Bob Fox) story



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