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Prominence Burn XR from My Hero Academia Heroes Clash

Prominence Burn XR is a part of My Hero Academia Heroes Clash Set!

The My Hero Academia CCG has emerged as one of the biggest CCGs in the past year; even though there have been a limited amount of sets released so far, only three to exact, the CCG still has garnered an extensive enough fan base which actively engaging in competitive battles!

The MHA CCG has a robust competitive scene and a lot of content for the collectors as well. The CCG has consistently created great-looking cards, and the Prominence Burn XR is yet another example of this phenomenon.

The card has quickly become one of the most coveted cards from the set, and we wanted to decipher why this is the case. So we will take a look at the origins of the card, some fun trivia about it, what the illustration represents, and most importantly, what its value is!


Endeavor, or Enji Todoroki, is a significant character in the MHA anime. He probably is the best Hero in Japan, only second to All Might. And after All Might retired, he became the defacto #1 Hero, a title he is immensely proud of. Even though he’s such a big name, he never shies away from getting involved in minor skirmishes and helping people out.

But his family has a very different view of him. Unlike his calm, composed, and caring self as a hero, Enji is a total dictator in his own house. He often abused his sons to make them stronger; it came to the point that his Wife had a meltdown and has been in the hospital ever since.

But Endeavor has had a change of heart and is now trying to reconnect with his family!


Endeavor plays a significant role in the first few seasons of the anime, so it is only natural to see a lot of Endeavor cards in the Heroes Clash set. Apart from Prominence Burn XR here are some Endeavor cards that we liked.

Prominence Burn XR


Endeavor gets stuff done by sheer force. The immense potential that his body holds is just insane, a power level so high that most villains don’t even stand a chance. So seeing Endeavor burst into flames, shouting, is the perfect way to represent the immense power that this one man has!

Prominence Burn XR is famous just because of this. The raw scream that Endeavor is giving out on the card is one that every MHA fan can feel. The artist has done a great job conveying Endeavor’s personality with the illustration!


As of writing this blog post, Prominence Burn XR is being sold for $30. This amount can fluctuate depending on the region you live in and the condition.

The card is doing great numbers as if now, but it’s hard to say if it will continue to do so in the future. Because the number of Endeavor cards we’re getting is insane, this set got four chase card-level Endeavors. So the Prominence Burn XR is fighting an uphill battle for being the best Endevaor card.

But the good news is that it’s winning at the moment!

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