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How to play the One Piece Card Game?

The One Piece Card Game aims to be similar to the Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many other CCGs that are out right now, but with a twist on the core card game rules. One Piece’s array of characters will surely make it one of the best TCGs.

But as with any other Card Game, the rules of One Piece are also not very straightforward, and most won’t understand it on their first playthrough. So we’re here to simplify the rules so that you understand how to play the One Piece Card Game better!

How do you play the One Piece Card Game?


A typical One Piece deck consists of 1 leader card, 10 Don!! Cards, and 50 other cards (you can’t have more than four cards of the same number). Apart from the leader cards, you also have character cards that can be used to attack. Stage cards and event cards can also be included in the deck.

And most importantly, each deck can have cards the same color as the Leader! There are also leader cards out there that have dual colors, which you can use to your advantage.

These are the only rules you need to follow when building a deck. And if you don’t want to choose your cards, you can buy the starter decks; there are four different starter decks available now.

Card Placements

This neat little schematic given by the official One Piece Card Game shows where to put your cards.

Then the player who goes first picks up five cards from the deck and places them in his hand; if he doesn’t like the cards he got, he can reshuffle and pick five cards again (this can be done only once)

Then pick cards from the deck equal to the number on your leader card’s life points; this will be your leader’s HP.

You can place up to 5 characters in the character section.

Each player can play one stage card in the stage section.

And lastly, the trash section is where all the knocked-out cards go along with the cards you’re done using.

Victory Conditions

You win the game if your opponent’s Life Cards (the HP cards we just picked) are discarded, and you attack the leader.

Or your opponent has 0 cards left in their deck.

The flow of the game

The game starts by resetting all your rested cards to active and returning all attached Don!! Cards (On your first 1-2 turn, you won’t have to do this, so skip to the next step)

On each turn, you can draw one card from your deck.

You draw 2 Don!! Cards each turn. The player who goes first can only draw one Don!! Card their first turn.

You can then start by attaching Don!! Cards and attacking your opponent’s leader or other Characters.

And that’s it! Start playing the game to understand the turn flow better!

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