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We go to restaurants to dine, wine and of course get to catch up with our family and friends. We go there with the hope of enjoying a delicious meal and leave with a smile on our faces and a lot of contentment too!

Restaurants differ in size, location and interior design but there is nothing really extra-ordinary in most of them because the point is to offer the best services to clients. However, the M Wells Dinette, is an extra-ordinary eatery joint in New York. It is located inside the MoMA PS1 museum, one of the largest art institutions in the United States dedicated solely to contemporary art. Yes, a restaurant inside a museum.

Its space is unique because it is designed to look like a classroom with desk-like tables and complete chalkboards. The acclaimed restaurant serves you both food and lots of artworks and it is home to the a steakhouse offering friendly, delicious and exciting dining options. It was opened by Hugue Dufour and Serah Obraitis, serving dishes like seared frog legs and carbonara sandwich which featured spaghetti on a bun.

After opening the dinette, the two proprietors also opened a more upscale meaty restaurant called M Wells Steakhouse in 2013.

Sadly, the M Wells Dinette, is closing its doors at the end of this month after serving its residents for more than six years. It will close down on the same day that marks the end of the exhibition that is currently being held in it, the Bruce Nauman retrospective. Bruce is one of the most experimental and influential American artist of his generation with more than sixty works including walk-in-environments, video installations, neons, sculptural objects and sound pieces.

The dinette opened in 2012 after the original M Wells closed down operations in an old diner in Queens. It has been a must-visit place for the visitors of the MoMA museum. The restaurant through an email expressed its sentiments saying, ‘‘Mike Kelley, Maria Lassnig, Cao Fei, Wael Shawkey and Mark Leckey are artists we especially adored, and of course Bruce Nauman, our current master of MoMA PS1, for whom it has been a complete pleasure hosting and feeding.’’

The M Wells Dinette lives to be one of the most unique restaurants in New York City, serving both food and art.


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