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Art Captionator: Vader Condoms

I Will Not Be Your Father - Darth Vader Condom
I Will Not Be Your Father – Darth Vader Condom

NEW YORK – Tuesday, February 19, 2013

“I Will Not Be Your Father” – 20 Ad Lines For This Piece of Pop Art

Sometimes pop culture combines with art, making pop art.  In this case the art is not only funny, but functional.  I opened the floor to comments on facebook to see what type of nerd sensibility my friends have towards the Darth Vader “I WILL NOT BE YOUR FATHER” Condom, as well as to come up with some witty ad lines for this product.  I quickly brainfarted a bunch out to get the ball rolling…

“Depends on how much FORCE he uses.”
“Make sure you wear your helmet, a DV is better than getting a VD.”
“Not wearing one would be a Wookie mistake.”
“Sheath thy light saber young Jedi!”
“aka, The Vader Flavor Saver.”
“Now with Midi-chlorianicidal lubricant.”
“These are not the AIDS you’re looking for.”
“For those late Jedi nights.”
“Killing all the younglings now, so you don’t have to later.”
“Preventing Unwanted Padawans Since 2013.”

I was going to try to work out something with kessel run and 12 parsecs, but I had a bunch of art openings to go to, so I left the floor open.  Here is the best of what you came up with:

#10  The Darth Vader Condom

Um, can I get an incest joke? – JP Marin

#9   The Darth Vader Condom

The “Darth Player Condom.”- Mack Simpson

#8   The Darth Vader Condom

Even a scruffy nerfherder can get it in. – Sly Augustus

#7   The Darth Vader Condom

You can’t chewbacka your way out of this one… – AngeeLuz Octavia Cortorreal-Perez

#6   The Darth Vader Condom

Only your ovaries could destory me. – Jemile Nesimi

#5   The Darth Vader Condom

The force strong with this one – Louis Nieves

#4   The Darth Vader Condom

With this blast shield down I can’t feel a thing. – Zack Menna

#3   The Darth Vader Condom

For when you want to keep your midi-chlorians to yourself. – Todd Whyte

#2   The Darth Vader Condom

Ahem… ‘come… To the dark side’ – Mitchell Crozier

And the #1 Best Ad Slogan- as voted on by Facebook Likes:


Red 5 I’m going in… – Michael J. Brotschul

Written and crowdsourced by Cojo “Art Juggernaut


Let’s keep the ball rolling.  Feel free to add your own ad lines below.

Written by
Rick Jeffries

From Fortune 500 brands to startup entrepreneurs around the world, Rick Jeffries brings a fresh new approach to marketing and internet strategy.

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