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GKids Screening Oscar Nominated Animated Films at IFC Center

GKids is a NYC based distributor… which admittedly doesn’t really sound that impressive until you look at the films it has brought to the United States. The Secret of Kells, Chico & Rita, A Cat in Paris (which by the way were all Best Animated Feature Oscar nominees) — and probably the most impressive, the Studio Ghibli Collection!


Just this year they distributed in U.S. theaters From Up on Poppy Hill, A Letter to Momo and the great Grave of the Fireflies. I could go on with their list of films but you get the point. They are responsible for introducing so many amazing 2D animated films (which are alive and well, by the way) from around the world to actual theatrical releases here in the United States.


Not to bury the lead or anything, but the reason I bring them up is that starting last Friday Dec 20th, they have been screening a LARGE selection of their films right here in NYC at the IFC Center in The Village to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. Notable selections (other than the ones already mentioned above) are My Neighbor Totoro, Ernest & Celestine, Sita Sings the Blues and The Painting. The screenings continue until January 2nd.


Check out the schedule and take the opportunity to watch this collection of masterful works up on the big screen… with an audience (of people who don’t suck)!

Written by Stephen Brooks


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