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Giant Ice Wall (XR) from My Hero Academia: UniVersus!

Giant Ice Wall (XR) is a part of My Hero, Academia: Universus!

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shounen anime out right now and has had a lot of different promotional products out in the market, from games to posters and all that stuff, but the card game is a thing that no My Hero Academia fan ever thought would come to their beloved franchise.

But it only makes sense as My Hero Academia is the go-to shounen for many in this generation of kids. It has been getting better and better with every passing season, plus the characters in the show are fantastic, to say the least, the side characters are loved as much as the main character of the show!

So to capitalize on the popularity of all these characters, Jasco games created the first-ever set of the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game, which features a ton of great cards!

One such card from the set is the Giant Ice Wall (XR) which features the half hot and half cold, Todorki! Let’s take a look at this unique card and maybe try to understand why the card has seen such immense hype in the past few weeks.


Shoto Todoroki is a student of class 1-A in UA High School, where the most talented individuals go. Shotto is one of the strongest at his school with his quirk Half Hot Half Cold.

He shows immense potential but initially is not very keen on using his fiery side, which came from his father. His father is the number 2 hero endeavor who abused Shoto’s family to create the best Hero possible. Because of this, his relationship with Shoto isn’t the best.

Frigid Heatwave (XR)


The Universus set is the first one and has shown some extra love to Shoto. It features not one, not two, but three Todoroki cards, each with a great illustration!


Giant Ice Wall (XR) features Todoroki performing the Giant Ice wall move, which, as the attack says, creates a wall of ice. We’ve seen this attack many times in the anime; it is an unprecedented attack to watch and very deadly for the enemies!

The illustration on Giant Ice Wall (XR) looks impressive, to say the least, and it might explain why the card is being valued so high on reseller sites!


Writing this blog post, the card is being sold for anywhere between $50-60 on multiple reseller sites. The card’s price may also vary depending upon the country you’re in and the card’s condition.

And as it is a Shoto Todoroki card it is going to be popular, plus the card is from the first edition of the MHA card game. First edition cards tend to stay in demand for a long time, so the value of this card just might increase.

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