Art ExhibitionDrawingFeaturedGlobalLife Drawing

Life Scroll, the Living Draw by Kentaro Chiba, on Show

In the fair city of Perugia, after the long period of social restriction that even Italy had to face, the Alessandro Berni Gallery...

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The Art of Directing: Interview with Director Jonathan Latona

This week we met the incredible director Jonathan Latona whose last featured movie just came out. Please introduce yourself. Who are you and...

Art CriticArt NerdFeaturedGlobalInterviewNew York CityPaintingR.I.P.

Gone Too Soon, Yet Explored a New Era of Art

Artist Atom Hovhanesyan, August 19, 1981- May 10, 2018 “The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes...

Art CriticFeaturedGlobalMuralNew York CityStreet ArtStudio Visit

From Street Art to Contemporary Art, an Unusual Path in the Market

A conversation with the artist KAI Kai, how did you become an artist and when? Are you from a family of artists? I’m...

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Meet Love Ghost

This week we had the pleasure to chat with Finnegan Bell, Ryan Stevens, Daniel Alcala, Samson Young, and Cory Bathcler from the band...