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Art of One Piece: Boa Hancock Parallel from One Piece Romance Dawn

Boa Hancock Parallel is a part of One Piece Romance Dawn.

The first-ever expansion of the One Piece Card Game was released to the masses a few weeks ago, and it has been doing great numbers. The One Piece anime community had been eagerly waiting for the drop, and it surely didn’t disappoint.

The CCG was released on the 25th anniversary of the ongoing One Piece saga. Even so, decades after it first started, the manga and the anime keep doing great numbers. And this is a testament to the strong fan community this shounen harbors at this point.

Also, unlike the other anime-inspired CCGs, the One Piece CCG is not a blatant cash grab. The creators went above and beyond to deliver something that will be remembered for years. The illustrations are fantastic, and the gameplay is awesome; it has set a bar for anime CCGs in the future, especially when creating great cards.

Speaking of great cards, one such card from Romance Dawn is the Boa Hancock, which has been sitting atop all the others since its release, and we’re here to decipher why this is happening. So let’s get right into it!


Boa Hancock is one of the most beautiful women in the world of One Piece. But if you think this beauty is just there for her beauty, you’d be wrong because Boa is as badass as any female character can get. She was the only female warlord of the seas and was dubbed the ‘Pirate Empress.’

She headed the Kuja Pirates and, over time, became an ally of our goofy little protagonist, Monkey Luffy!


Boa Hancock Parallel

When you have a character as popular as Boa, the creators can’t stop on one. So apart from the Boa Hancock Parallel, there are two other Boa cards in Romance Dawn.


Boa Hancock Parallel

Now let’s get into the real meat of things, the illustration on the Boa Hancock Parallel, because it is the artwork that sells the card, not the competitive advantage it gives. And oh boy, isn’t the artwork just exquisite!

Boa Hancock is a Siren, and everyone loves her for it, so it is not hard to see why they created this pose. Plus, the custom artwork in a painted style does make the card look interesting. The purple theme on the card has a going on, and the Japanese demon creatures in the back also add a lot of character to the card.


There’s no point in beating around the bush; we all know why the Boa Hancock Parallel is so damn popular. And as it is with female characters on TCG cards, the collectors gobble every last piece Piece can find. So expect this card to hold the value it has for months to come.

I totally forgot to mention this; the current value is around $90 across multiple reseller sites!

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