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Art of My Hero Academia: Twice (XR) from My Hero Academia League Of Villains!

The My Hero Academia CCG has been going strong since its initial release. Since the launch of the base set, there have been numerous expansion packs, with the latest being the League of Villains expansion.

This pack features some fantastic cards that the community has embraced with open arms. One such card is the Twice (XR) card, which has recently been receiving a lot of hype.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this card’s popularity and try to uncover the secrets that make it so special.


Meet Jin Bubaigawara, or as his friends like to call him, Twice! He’s the baddie who gave the heroes of My Hero Academia a run for their money.

He started out as a member of the League of Villains, then graduated to become one of the big bosses of the Paranormal Liberation Front. With a name like Bubaigawara, it’s no wonder he’s twice as dangerous!


Twice’s getup and quirky personality seem to take some cues from Deadpool, the Marvel antihero with a flair for breaking the fourth wall. But his habit of wearing a mask to keep his head straight is more akin to Rorschach, the brooding detective from Watchmen. Looks like Twice took some notes from two very different superheroes!


Twice (XR)

The Twice (XR) features Twice, twice! That’s right, this dude can duplicate himself, and that’s why he’s a big shot in the League of Villains. The card’s illustration captures his mind-blowing quirk in a subtle yet impactful way.

Plus, the dual color background highlights the double trouble that Bubaigawara brings to the table. With the power of twice, this guy can outdo any superhero or supervillain out there, leaving them twice as baffled and confused.


The card’s current value is around $15, which is a lot considering that Twice isn’t a major villain in the series; he’s merely a lackey of Shigaraki, who is a lackey of All For One.

So when it comes to villain hierarchies, Twice isn’t very high up. However, in the recent season that just aired, he received a lot of character development, which increased the hype around him.

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