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Art of My Hero Academia: Dabi (XR) from My Hero Academia League Of Villains!

The My Hero Academia CCG has been exploding in popularity ever since its release a year ago. It managed to capture the attention of both TCG fans and anime enthusiasts alike. And like a superhero in a power-up montage, the game keeps getting stronger and stronger with each new expansion.

The Dabi (XR) is one such card from the My Hero Academia League of Villains expansion pack, set to be released in a few weeks. By the time you read this, it may already be out. This card features the infamous Dabi, one of the most popular villains in the aptly-named League of Villains.

The card is already doing great numbers on reseller sites, so we’re here to figure out why. Let’s dive right in!


Dabi is one of the major members of the League of villains; the leader, Shigaraki, trusts him with all his heart, and rightfully so. Dabi has had a dreadful past, and he blames the Hero society for it. Shigaraki uses this rage of Dabi in his battle against the Hero world!

Dabi serves in its Vanguard Action Squad, which has been causing trouble for our hero, Midoriya.


The Dabi (XR) isn’t the only card featuring Dabi in this expansion; there are a few more; here are some of our favorites:

Hold Hostage (XR)


The illustration on the Dabi (XR) card is truly a work of art. The artist has managed to capture the essence of Dabi’s calm and collected demeanor, despite the chaos and flames raging behind him. The blue color palette in the background is not only visually stunning but also ties in perfectly with Dabi’s quirk of producing blue flames.

It’s also worth noting the intricate details in Dabi’s character design, from the small scars on his face to the subtle shading on his clothing, adding to the overall appeal of the card. All in all, the Dabi (XR) card is a perfect representation of the character and a must-have for any My Hero Academia fan.


As of jotting down this blog post, the Dabi (XR) is up for grabs at approximately $15 on various reseller sites. Not a bad deal if you ask me; considering this character’s popularity, the price may go up in the coming weeks after the full release.

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of the first few Dabi cards ever created? It’s like owning a piece of MHA history.

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